A land of forests

The swift-running rivers with its murmur and singing birds in shelter of the immense forests are only a part of the picturesque nature of the region Cerkljanska, that will surely leave you breathless.

Experience moments absolutely free from worry and embark on a journey where time has stopped.

Recover by relaxing in the beautiful nature of the region Cerkljanska and feel the healing power, that will flow into your entire beeing.

Cerkno´s Carnival Laufarija

Cerkno's Carnival, called Laufarija preserves an exceptional cultural heritage with diverse and unique figures speaking the dialect of Cerkno and wearing a special work of art - the carved wooden masks. Each figure has its special character and story.

Experience the joy and clownishness of this Carnival.

Put on a mask and become a Laufar at least for one day!

Partisan Hospital Franja

Betake yourself through the narrow gorge Pasice surrounded by steep walls, rapids, pools and waterfalls.

Here you will become acquainted with some proceedings of the 2nd World War, with incomparable heroism, bravery, mutual trust and with some unforgettable moments. Enter the secret world of the Partisan Hospital Franja, that was never discovered by any anemy.

But today it is opened as a museum and is at the same time a precious reminder of humanity, nobleness and comradeship. And do not forget to share this message of peace with the world.

Echoes from ancient times

After the Neanderthal man had created wholes into a cave bear bone about 55.000 years ago and began to play the flute he moved up the evolutionary scale.

The cave Divje Babe is located above the river Idrijca near Cerkno, where you will join the way of music history with the world´s oldest known musical instrument.

Secrets of the region Cerkljanska

When you will wend your way the Mt. Porezen will always accompany you like a father above the valley.

It will lead you to secrets like those of the tower Miklavžev turn. The ruins of this old mining church in Labinje are from the Middle Ages.

A tale has been preserved by word of mouth, saying that under the ruins of the bell tower and the church a treasure is hidden and anyone who would attempt to dig it out would be stricken by lightning!

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