In these rushing times, when every day is lived in haste, it is vital that we take a moment for ourselves to enjoy in peace, tranquillity and nature.

The town Cerkno, with its well organised hiking paths in the surroundings, offers you a journey in the past, when our grandfathers picked fruit for the purpose of making from it fruit brandy during the colder months; it offers you hiking trips on the long-time abandoned mountain trails, which were in the past an important bond with the life in the valley.

Porezen (1630 m)

The Porezen is the highest peak in the mountain range Cerkljansko hribovje and one of the three highest in the southern Pre-Alps (other two Blegoš and Ratitovec), where you will have a beautiful view over the Julian Alps and the mountains Bohinjske gore.

Some meters bellow the summit there is a mountain hut and on the mountain top stands a partisan monument that reminds us about the horror 2nd WW caused. Here you will find a book to sign yourself and get a stamp. The mountain top is reachable from several different points (village Poče or Poljane, from Hudajužna in the ravine Baška grapa and through Zakojca, in the North from Petrovo brdo or in the East from the villages Davča or Novaki.

Also from Jesenica there is a very nice and mostly flat but less known path that runs through shadows. Every year, last Sunday in March a traditional commemorative event is organized at the top of the Porezen and a meeting of mountaineers in August.

Črni vrh (1291 m)

The hut is situated on the sunny side, a little bit bellow the summit of Črni vrh.

In the East we see the mountain ridge between Črni vrh and Blegoš, further the southern slopes falling into the narrow valleys of the rivers Cerknica, Kopačnica and Volaščica and on the south side there is the mountain range Idrijsko in Cerkljansko hribovje.

Ermanovec (1026 m)

Ermanovec is the highest top of the ridge, on which the valley Poljanska dolina borders in the north west.

From the top you will enjoy beautiful views of the mountain range Škofjeloško hribovje, parts of the range Cerkljansko hribovje, of the Žirovski vrh and other.

Many trails lead to the top and the mountain hut, from Trebija it takes 1,5 hour, from Hotavlje over Slajka 3 hours and 1 hour from Sovodenj or from the valley of the river Kopačnica. The easiest trail is the mostly flat one from the pass Kladje.

Kojca (1303 m)

There are many ways to get to the top of Kojca. We describe the one from the East, which starts at the small village Jesenica.

You will cross meadows, where in June you will find  different rare flowers as the globe flower, wild orchids and purple viper´s grass.

After the meadows follows a steep ascend to the top of Kojca where you can enjoy beautiful views on the Porezen and the mountains Bohinjske gore in the North and East, but in the South and West admire the mountain range Cerkljansko in Idrijsko hribovje. 

Bevkov vrh (1051 m)

Bevkov vrh is the highest point of the crest, that divides the valley of the river Idrijca from the valleys of the rivers Cerknica and Hobovščica.

Get there by the main road from Cerkno to the pass Kladje, where you turn right and a magnificent view at the Mt. Porezen and Cerkno opens. Follow the way to the farm Na Ravan, where tasting and buying of cheese and other milk products are possible.

Now it takes only half an hour to the top, where you can see the chapel and get a stamp. The ascent takes you 2 hours and isn´t difficult.

Ratitovec (1687 m)

The Ratitovec is a complete opposite to the most of Slovenian mountains, that are on the north side steeper with gentle slopes in the south.

Even the hill itself is not so high its summit is above the forrest line, where you will see extensive pastures.

The mountain is also known for its rare plants as Nigritella, Edelweiss, Yellow and Pannonian gentian, Rhododendron, Carniolian lily et al.. A special charm to the Ratitovec give large larch forests and the view from it is one of the most beautiful in Slovenian mountains.

Blegoš (1564 m)

The Blegoš is the highest top of the mountain ridge Škofjeloško hribovje and one of the three highest in the southern Pre-Alps (other two Ratitovec and Porezen).

From the grass-covered top you will have in beautiful weather unique views over the whole crest of the mountains Bohinjske gore, over the Julian Alps, the Karavanke and the Kamnik Alps and sometimes it is possible to see the Mt. Snežnik in the south.

Therefore a lot of different trails lead to the top – from a short half an hour walk from Črni kal, Stari vrh or Črni vrh to difficult ascents from the valleys of the rivers Poljanščica and Selščica.

Nordic Walking

Cerkno with its surrounding is an ideal place for Nordic Walking, a fitness walking with specially designed poles, which compared to regular walking involves applying force to the poles with each stride. Therefore nordic walkers use more of their entire body.

The cadences of the arms, legs and body are, rhythmically speaking, similar to those used in normal, vigorous, walking, the only difference is the length of stride. We offer you a rental of Nordic Walking poles and a training with an experienced coach.

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